A keynote that will break the monotony

I will be speaking at the Professional Services Marketing conference at the Boulevard Hotel, Sydney on Saturday, August 18.  I am humbled that Adrienne McLean has asked me to deliver the opening keynote address – it is both a privilege and a

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Most people engaging in digital marketing will already be aware of the importance that keywords play in their search engine optimisation. The idea is that we tailor our content to target short-tail and long-tail keywords since these appear in search queries when

The Struggle is part of the Journey

The FIFA World Cup in Russia is upon us and sadly I watched our national football team, the Socceroos’ journey in the tournament come to an end. While valiant and stoic, the team leaves finishing last in their group. This after an

How to Create Blogs that Increase ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is an important aspect in measuring the effectiveness of your blog. It’s important to understand that how it’s measured depends a lot on what your campaign objectives are. What are the results you are looking for? Is it

Does Social Selling Work for Small Businesses?

From a modern buzzword to the most disruptive sales concept since the advent of “The Challenger Sales” methodology: Social Selling is a reality and works for many professionals around the world, not only on the sales side. When using social media started

Information Overload in the 21st Century – Clare Edwards MIML

As service professionals, information is key to our success. Researching, distilling, analysing and reporting all form a critical element of our roles. Do you sometimes feel though like you’re drowning, being inundated and bombarded, with a strong urge to put your fingers

A message from our MC , Tim Stackpool,

Our Masters of Ceremonies for the Professional Services Marketing Conference,Tim Stackpool, has the important role of guiding us through the conference day and introducing the speakers – Tim presents for many conferences and stadium events. We are thrilled to have Tim’s expertise