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14 Business Specialists

WHY ATTEND / The Professional Services Marketing Conference is for:

The Professional Services Marketing Conference is to help Service Professionals with the areas that drive business growth – marketing, sales and mindset.  It is a forum to help Service Professionals with the challenges of growing a business. This conference is also an opportunity to connect professionals in the marketing, sales, digital marketing, business development etc and be a resource to help with connecting like minded people.

Service Professionals such as Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, Health professionals, Business Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Chiropractors, Book-keepers, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Life Coaches, Architects …….

For the Service Professionals in the audience, each speaker will give you 3 take-away tasks to help you:
1. To raise your profile & awareness of your business,
2. Get the prospect across the line to make the sale!
3. Give you dynamic approaches for business development.


What Will You Learn?

  • Highly specialised speakers on topics around marketing, growing a business, sales, financial management, digital marketing, branding, how to get around roadblocks, marketing strategies ……

  • Meet like minded people and have the opportunity to connect, discuss and network

  • You will learn a lot about how to “Stay front of mind” with your prospects and clients

  • You will get many tips that you can immediately utilise in your own business

  • You will keep current with the fast changing world of marketing

  • and much, much more………….

Each of our highly skilled experts speaking have been asked to deliver to the audience 3 tasks to undertake to help their business grow, connect and increase visibility.
Your take-away from the Professional Services Marketing Conference is 42 tried and tested activities for business development. Now, that is a valuable investment!

One special piece of added value is for attendees of the 2018 Professional Services Marketing Conference – you will be given an added advantage for being a guest speaker for the 2019 conference. If you would like to present at a conference in front of potential prospects, then attend this year and your application will be given special consideration for next year.


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Event Sponsors

Event Speakers / Meet with our Experts

Adrienne McLean

Marketing & Communications

Adrienne mentors business professionals in marketing and business development for growth.

Tom Skotidas

General Manager, iCumulus

Tom Skotidas serves as the General Manager, Commercial Development of iCumulus. iCumulus

John Groarke

Consultant Mentor @ JEGMC

John Groarke has two ventures and a 'giving back'

Jane Turner

Public Relations and Publishing

I remember the feeling of being at the bottom of the

Morel Hudson

Founder, Hornet Marketing

As the founder & marketing professional my role is to ensure

Nicole Davidson

Business & Mindset

Nicole Davidson believes that being true to ourselves is one of

Geoff Knowles

Business Development & Sales

• 'Geoff quickly identifies the tiny (critical) holes in your Business/Sales/Engagement/

Maree Kirkpatrick

Sales Systems

With 15 years experience in negotiating millions of dollars in sales

Chris Golis

Sales and Emotional Intelligence

People drive performance; emotions drive people;

Peter Strohkorb GAICD

Sales & Marketing

During the 15+ years Peter Strohkorb spent in leadership positions in

Scott Schindler

Business & Sports Leader

Scotty Schindler is a business and sports leader proudly from Sawtell,

Sonya Wray

Business & Fitness

After completing a degree in Applied

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Includes 14 speakers, experts on Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales & Mindset, plus enjoy the delicious Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea served at the Sydney Boulevard Hotel.

Be informed, inspired & motivated to get to the next level – Think Bigger ,grow and succeed !



Morning tea

The Sydney Boulevard Hotel puts on a delicious Morning tea - Enjoy whilst networking!  If you have dietary requirements, please advise when booking.
Adrienne McLean

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The Sydney Boulevard Hotel puts on a delicious Lunch - Enjoy whilst networking!  If you have dietary requirements, please advise when booking.

Afternoon Tea

The Sydney Boulevard Hotel puts on a delicious Afternoon tea - Enjoy whilst networking!  If you have dietary requirements, please advise when booking.
Adrienne McLean

Closing of Conference

An overview and vote of thanks to all attendees, speakers and sponsors.

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Sponsorship, and or exhibitor opportunities are available for the Professional Services Marketing Conference 2018. Opportunities can be tailored so you can connect with the conference delegates, maximising awareness of your company, brands, product and services. 

Event FAQS / understand the value you will get out of attending!

The Professional Services Marketing Conference has 14 amazing speakers all specialists on topics to assist Service Professionals get more clients.  More are expected to add to the knowledge pool on the day. Topics to be covered are:
Marketing skills to help Service Professionals get more clients. Giving background to why you need to regularly do your marketing, putting in a routine rather than leaving your marketing until business is quiet. How branding makes a huge first impact and helps support a business.
How the Service Professionals thinking can grow a business. Leadership approaches for building a strong client base. Why growing a vibrant, active tribe is so important. How to get the prospect to sign on the dotted line and get the sale. Why networking is pivotal in growing a business.
The Professional Services Marketing Conference is to help Service Professionals with their marketing and getting more clients. There are over 2 million small to medium size businesses in Australia and all are looking to get more clients and be profitable. An important part of achieving this is to have enough marketing in place to raise awareness of the business and then being able to convert the prospects into clients. This conference is for Service Professionals such as Accountants, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Chiropractors, Health professionals, Doctors, Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, and so many more specialists in their field who perhaps struggle with promoting themselves.
If you are a Service Professional, you will meet like-minded professionals at the Professional Services Marketing Conference who are all wanting to grow their business and get more clients. You will have the opportunity to network with others who are all working on their own business. You will be able to network, learn from others and share. You'll be able to meet professionals who can help you grow your business. You'll have chances to meet with the speakers and ask those niggling questions.
All our brilliant speakers help Service Professionals to grow a business and get more clients. All speakers for the Professional Services Marketing Conference are experts in their field & based in Sydney. They work with Small to Medium size businesses , even some large businesses, so they understand the challenges and opportunities faced by our Service Professionals attending the conference. Every speaker is a Service Professional too. The Professional Services Marketing Conference sets itself apart as the speakers have been along the business journey the attendees are going along too. This conference is a learning, supportive and interactive environment where asking questions is expected! There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with the speakers.
This is a special conference in so many ways - what will you as a Service Professional get when attending this conference?
  1. You will meet and see present professionals who specialise in marketing, sales and personal development. This means that the people in the room are people who can help you to grow your business.
  2. You will be networking with like minded Professionals who understand your world. They are doing what you are doing, yes in a different discipline but what you are experiencing is what they are experiencing or have experienced so the whole room can support each other in growth and business development and support.
  3. You will be inspired, some questions will be answered, some ideas will be initiated and again you will be supported to develop your business to the next level whether you are a CEO of a large firm or a sole trader working week to week.
  4. We have small business owners,  university lecturers, marketing specialists, mindset specialists, marketing strategists, sales experts in the room to support Service Professionals to develop and be even more successful.
  5. You are going to have a great day - presentations from specialists, meeting the Federal Minister for Small Business and Family Business, meeting Service Professionals just like you working to grow and run a successful business plus you will have everything to nourish you and care for you at the Sydney Boulevard Hotel.
  6. At such a reasonable price, this is a no brainer! Just register and purchase your seat for a great day!
What more can you need from a conference for Service Professionals? If there is something more, then please email or comment and we will do our best to give you what you need and are looking for out of a conference designed for individuals just like you, Service Professionals.

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